E-CUBE Strategy consultants is recruiting

To support its growth, E-CUBE is actively recruiting consultants  between 0 and 10 years of experience


E-CUBE mindset

Driven by ours values of excellence, commitment, entrepreneurship and balance, E-CUBE team is made up of some forty consultants spread across our four offices.

Life in ours offices

At the heart of the energy transition and sustainable development, E-CUBE is a specialised firm offering a warm and human-sized working environment.

Our offices benefit from workspaces that promote exchanges, collaboration and the professional development of our teams.

The offices are also a place of conviviality and meetings, especially around the lunch area.

Our consultants commitments

Entrepreneurship and initiative are part of the firm's DNA, which gives teams the opportunity to propose and implement projects in line with their commitments and passions.

This is how some have decided to support social start-ups in their development, others are implementing actions to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, or, finally, the most sporty are meeting for a jog on the banks of the Seine or a cross-training session in the Tuileries garden.

Your career track at E-CUBE

Our working methods, team management and senior management experience enable consultants to quickly acquire skills in strategy, corporate finance, marketing, regulation, modelling, innovation and organisation.


What we look for

E-CUBE is a demanding firm where consultants must demonstrate interpersonal, analytical and professional skills.

At E-CUBE, we are looking for motivated, committed and passionate people who are able to quickly grasp new subjects, define their issues and propose innovative, personalised and concrete solutions for our clients.

To support its growth, E-CUBE is actively recruiting consultants between 0 and 10 years of experience in the world of consulting or industry. We are looking for motivated and committed people who are willing to join a specialized firm on a human scale.

The firm also regularly gives bright and motivated students the opportunity to intern with our teams, as a pre-hiring step.

Recruiting process

The recruitment process allows us to test the candidates' analytical, business and interpersonal skills. It takes place in our offices and a candidate will go through two rounds of two interviews each:

  •  A standard interview includes a first part of presentation of the firm as well as an exchange on the candidate's profile and motivations;

  • The second part deals with a case study related to the firm's activities

Speculative application

Recruitment processes are carried out continuously throughout the year, you may send your online application to:

Current job opportunities

The current job opportunities in the Paris office are as follows:

  • Senior Consultant: 3 to 5 years of professional experience - experience in consulting or in industry (in one of our areas of expertise) is a must have

  • Consultant: 2 to 3 years of professional experience

Contacts by school


Matthieu Blondel

  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle

HEC & Sciences Po

Clémence de Pommereau

  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle

Mines ParisTech

Etienne Jan

  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle


Thomas Samson

  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle
  • LinkedIn - Gris Cercle

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