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E-CUBE is studying different hydrogen production schemes for France Hydrogène

On November 11th, E-CUBE was present at the Horizons Hydrogène congress held in Paris.

Alongside France Hydrogène, we presented our work conducted in early 2023 regarding the competitiveness of various electrolysis-based hydrogen production schemes considered in France by the year 2030, as part of the revision of the national Hydrogen strategy. The LinkedIn post can be found here.

The study compares, both theoretically and using the example of the AURA region, the hydrogen supply costs for different types of consumers (production, storage, transport). It highlights the advantages of a "semi-centralized" production scheme, where the massification of production is limited in favor of installing intermediate-sized electrolyzers at sites distributed throughout the territory.

France Hydrogène will publish the study report in early 2024.


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