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How to reduce GHG emissions generated by landfill sites - study carried out by E-CUBE

Decarbonizing the waste sector, which is responsible for 26% of Europe's methane emissions, is a key challenge for Europe in achieving its greenhouse gas emission targets.

E-CUBE Strategy Consultants teams are proud to have supported Suez, Véolia and Waga Energy in carrying out a joint study on how to reduce the GHG emissions generated by non-hazardous waste storage facilities.

  1. In addition to the European policy of reducing the volume of household waste sent to landfill sites to 10% by 2035, the widespread adoption of best practices in landfill gas capture would enable the emission factor of future landfill waste to be halved.

  2. The introduction of injection systems coupled with high-performance capture systems would also contribute between 5% and 10% towards achieving Repower EU's European biomethane production targets of 340 TWh/year by 2030.

Communication from Waga Energy :


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