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Industrial decarbonization

2024, acceleration of decarbonization?

The pressure on French industrial actors to decarbonize will reach a new level in 2024: implementation of the CSRD, formalization of roadmaps for the 50 highest-emitting sites (extended by some regions to a second group of emitters), definition of decarbonization plans for large industrial zones under the "ZIBaC AAP". The time for action and choices seems to have arrived for the majority of industrial sectors - it raises complex questions to address and demands new modalities of action:

  1. Decarbonization of electricity: what role for cPPAs and guarantees of origin?

  2. Decarbonization of heat: what are the challenges of biomass/biogas availability with what price risks, what potential for electrification and innovative technologies (SMR, solar thermal, hydrogen)?

  3. CO2 capture: what is the maturity of the CCS market and storage options in Europe? What opportunities are associated with an embryonic CCU sector, but with first announced projects (e-methanol)?

  4. Generalization of Scope 3 commitments: what levers, what role for Procurement?

  5. Development of incorporation targets and increased competition for access to recycled materials: how to participate and secure competitive access?

David Sorin
Clémence de Pommereau

E-CUBE has developed strong expertise in the field of "Decarbonization of Industry" through its recent projects and the experience of its consultants. We would be happy to discuss market perspectives and opportunities with you. You can contact David Sorin ( or Clémence de Pommereau ( to schedule a discussion on the subject.

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