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Renewable electricity

Scaling up renewable electricity and increasing flexibility

The launch by the government at the end of the year of the public consultation on its project of the French Energy Climate Strategy (SFEC), including the PPE which will define France's energy policy by 2035, and the ongoing discussions on the implementing decrees of the law on the acceleration of renewable energies adopted at the beginning of the year, testify both to the increasing ambition of the public authorities and to the practical difficulties in meeting the trajectories.

In 2024, we will pay particular attention to the following topics:

  1. The dynamics of subscription evolution of PPAs in a wholesale market with a downward trend.

  2. The challenges of agrivoltaics.

  3. The conditions for implementing the new market design at the European level.

  4. The strategic orientations adopted by independent developers, who will in some cases find themselves at a crossroad

  5. The attractiveness of the <500kW open-access rooftop segment.

  6. The value of renewable production in markets, as many European countries have already scaled up renewable electricity development (+17 GW of renewables in 2023 for Germany).

  7. The cost of renewable production, subject to headwinds (rising interest rates, inflation in Europe, falling prices of PV panels, etc.).

Clémence de Pommereau
Laurine Palix

E-CUBE has developed strong expertise in the field of "renewable electricity" through its recent projects and the experience of its consultants. We would be happy to discuss market perspectives and opportunities with you. You can contact Clémence de Pommereau ( or Laurine Palix ( to schedule a discussion on the subject.

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