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Energy-climate transition strategies

An opportunity for businesses

The energy crisis in the wake of the war in Ukraine has significantly accelerated companies' consideration of energy-climate transition issues, leading them to develop "defensive" strategies: sourcing decarbonized energy, evolving industrial tools, electrifying processes, optimizing supply chains, and industial areas...

The year 2023 was marked by an increasing number of companies realizing that the energy-climate transition could also be a source of growth opportunities. The year 2024 is expected to see an acceleration of these initiatives: while these initiatives are often just an opportunistic addition to their business portfolio, they could in the future constitute a pivot for reinventing certain companies:

  1. Establish a genuine energy producer, beyond self-consumption needs, akin to SNCF.

  2. Create an actor in energy efficiency, beyond adapting its real estate portfolio, akin to La Poste Immobilier.

  3. Invest in electric mobility infrastructure, akin to the joint ventures created by Carrefour with Driveco and Allego to equip the group's parking lots, or the capital partnership between Altarea and Electra.

  4. Develop a battery park in synergy with its activities, like telecom operators EliSa in Finland, Telia in Sweden, Deutsche Telekom in Germany.

  5. Develop refueling infrastructure for decarbonized truck fleets as part of ecosystems with operators, such as initiatives around Kargreen or Gaz-up.

  6. Develop hydrogen equipment supplier activities and service in maritime decarbonization for the world leader in LNG tank design, GTT.

Alexandre Bouchet
Clémence de Pommereau

E-CUBE has developed strong expertise in the field of "energy-climate transition strategy" through its recent projects and the experience of its consultants. We would be delighted to discuss market perspectives and opportunities with you. You can contact Alexandre Bouchet ( or Clémence de Pommereau ( to schedule a discussion on the subject.

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