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E-CUBE release a study about Industry decarbonization through electrification

E-CUBE is publishing a new study “Industry decarbonization through electrification - Potential and impacts of electrification on the Swiss industrial landscape“.

This study was conducted by Kevin Pahud as a research project at the E-CUBE Strategy Consultants office in Lausanne in partnership with Rachid Cherkaoui from EPFL.

Here's a glimpse of the key insights for Switzerland's industry:

  • Switzerland’s industry can be electrified up to 73%, with the highest potential in low-temperature sectors

  • A significant share of electrification can be profitably achieved with mature technologies, boasting a negative abatement cost.

  • The success of industry electrification is highly dependent on electricity competitiveness against alternatives and the cost of CO2.

  • Industrial heat pumps, the backbone of electrification, could save up to 7 TWh of fossil fossil fuels.

While the aim of this paper is to explore the potential of electrification as a decarbonization strategy for Switzerland’s industry, other solutions, notably biomethane, hydrogen, SMR, and CCUS could also be part of the solution.

Curious to dive deeper into the transformative power of electrification in shaping a decarbonized industry? Read the full report below!

Télécharger PDF • 2.86MB


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